Health Programs

The Aging and Disability Resource Center offers a variety of evidence-based health promotion programs for Adams, Green Lake, and Waushara Counties. These programs can give the tools needed towards preventative health. By engaging in one or more of these programs, individuals will learn different ways to exercise and relax, build self-management skills, participate in medication education and much more. All of the programs offered do not have a fee, but donations towards the programs are appreciated.

For more information, please call:
Amanda Kutcher
Health Promotion Coordinator
Phone: 920-787-6666.

Below is a calendar of upcoming classes and a list of current programs offered throughout the year:

Upcoming Classes




Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less

Healthy Living with Chronic Pain

Healthy Living with Diabetes

Living Well with Chronic Conditions

Mind Over Matter: Healthy Bowels, Healthy Bladder

Physical Activity for Lifelong Success (PALS)

Stepping On - Falls Prevention Programs

Tai Chi Prime

Walk With Ease

Wisconsin's Evidence-Based Prevention Programs for Older Adults