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Article: 12 Helpful Apps for Caregivers

Networking and Sharing

Table of Contents
  1. Networking and Sharing
  2. Informational
  3. Medication Management
  4. Stress Management
Networking & Sharing Apps
If you’ve seen other lists like this one, chances are CareZone is on it. The basic premise behind CareZone is information storing and sharing. The app helps caregivers keep track of information by organizing prescriptions, insurance cards, ID cards, legal documents, and more, all in one place. It has a place for notes and observations, a task list, medication logging, and a place to upload photos.
It also allows you to share the information with your family or other important people in your loved one’s life, and you can upload a voice message for up to 100 recipients.
Carezone is available on both iPhone and Android for free.
CaringBridge describes itself as a caring social network, and it works similar to other social media apps. You create a page for yourself or your loved one, and friends and family can interact by reading updates on your loved one’s care and leaving encouraging messages on your page. You can choose how private you want your page to be, and you can post journal updates, upload photos, add calendar dates, and even start a fundraising drive similar to GoFundMe for your loved one.
CaringBridge is free on both iPhone and Android
Lotsa Helping Hands
This app takes the saying “It takes a village” to heart. Lotsa Helping Hands gives you the means to create a digital community of care around your loved one. Most of the app revolves around an interactive calendar you can use to schedule things like meal deliveries, rides to appointments, and visiting hours. You can assign tasks or ask for help from friends and family. You can also post updates on your loved one’s care for your followers to read.
The app is only available for iOS users, but the website works on all devices.
eCare21 is an extensive health monitoring system for your loved one, and because everything is tracked in the app, you or a doctor can access the information on the fly, regardless of distance from your loved one. The app can connect with most of the major fitness tracking devices, and compiles the information on a dashboard so that you can keep an eye on them and provide proactive care, even from hundreds of miles away. You can also create care plans, medication schedules, and health snapshots to share with family and friends.
The app is free for iPhone and Android users, but the equipment needed to take full advantage of it will cost more. There are also paid plans you can find on the app’s website that offer more in-depth options.

Last Updated on 4/29/2020